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I lived in my hometown untilobtaining a degree in Arts, with majors in sociology and communication studies, in There was a fearsome explosion and a huge cannon ball fell right in the middle of the dyke.

Who knows how to detonate the torpedo? But one afternoon, while they took their siesta, an alligator woke all of a sudden and raised its head believing it had heard a noise. In a very yacaees river, in a deserted country where man had never set foot, lived many alligators. The shrapnel exploded in contact with the trunks, tore them to pieces, and reduced to splinters the enormous beams. What new steamer was that?

He was crazy enough, the poor old alligator! And there was nothing left of it, nothing, nothing.

Here comes the whale! But the torpedo drew near the boat and the men on board saw it; that is to say they saw the whirlpool that a torpedo makes in water.


Then the alligators rose and went to the dyke, looked among the trunks and laughed at the joke they had pulled on the steamer. He witnessed a battle between two warships and brought an unexploded torpedo here. And they cried out: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here About owenlindsayboyd Horafio am a follower of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda – author of Autobiography of a Yogi.

Why would they die if the steamer kept navigating the river?

They had all gone, frightened by the sound of quoroga steamer. I know how to do that. I am a personal carer, writer and traveller, among other things, originally from just outside Melbourne in Australia.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Now, that vessel the colour of a mouse was a warship, a battleship with terrible cannons. It is impossible to describe the terrible noise the torpedo made when it exploded.

The alligators then climbed the trunks and put their heads out the other side. But an old, wise alligator, the oldest and wisest of them all, an alligator who retained only two healthy teeth in the sides of its snout, who at one time made a journey to the sea, said all of a sudden: I have lived and worked with homeless people, disabled people and refugees.

And so they continued destroying the yacages.


La Guerra de Los Yacares : Horacio Quiroga :

And they were sad because the small alligators complained of hunger. Suddenly the warship filled with smoke and launched its first cannon at the dyke. A warship passes along our aycares and frightens the fish. It could make all the noise it wanted, but it would not be able to pass through there.

La Guerra de Los Yacares

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I begin and end each day with meditation, a spiritual base from which all else proceeds. But the alligators laughed, because they believed the old one had gone crazy. They surfaced, dived, jumped over the stones, always running and dragging the torpedo, which created waves like a ship owing to the speed of the passage.

Not a trunk, not a splinter, not a husk. And as they were very tired they lay down to sleep on the beach.

In effect, the steamer was still far off when it stopped.