October Quick Start Guide for UDC Universal Digital Controller. For detailed instructions see UDC Controller Product Manual UDC Application Note. UDC AS AN AUTO/MANUAL STATION. SEVERAL CUSTOMERS HAVE LEARNED THAT THE UDC IS AN EXCELLENT. View and Download Honeywell UDC product manual online. Universal Digital Controller. UDC Controller pdf manual download.

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Contact your local sales office for warranty information. If warranted goods are returned to Honeywell during the period of coverage, Honeywell will repair or replace without charge those items it finds defective. The foregoing is Buyer’s sole remedy and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Identifies a connection to the chassis or frame of the equipment shall be bonded to Protective Earth at the source of supply in accordance with national and local electrical code requirements.

Input 2 Set Up Group Input 1 or 2 Set Up Wiring This instrument is an ideal controller for regulating temperature and other process variables in numerous heating and cooling applications, as well as in metal working, food, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor, testing and environmental work.

Both analog inputs are sampled six times per second every ms. Fast Tune and Slow Tune. Fast Tune will tune the process in such a way that the temp is reached faster, a slight overshoot will be allowed. This honrywell more aggressive tuning to co-exist with smooth PV response.


It can be enabled or disabled depending on the application or the control criteria. Decreases setpoint or output value. Decreases Increases the configuration values or the configuration values or changes functions in changes functions in Configuration Configuration mode groups. Permanently connected, panel-mounted Industrial Control Equipment with protective earthing grounding EN WARNING If this equipment is used in a ud3200 not specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.

Read the pre-installation information, check the model number interpretation Subsection 2. Table Condensed Specifications Analog Inputs and Outputs: Are isolated from each other and all other circuits at Vdc for 2 seconds.

Digital Inputs and Digital Outputs: For higher temperatures, the RH specification is derated to maintain constant moisture content. Mounting Notes Before mounting the controller, refer to the nameplate on the manuxl of the case and make a note of the model number. It will help later honeyweell selecting the proper wiring configuration. For water-protected installation, install four screws with washers into the four recessed areas in the corners of the front bezel Figure Electrical Noise Precautions Electrical noise is composed of unabated electrical signals which produce undesirable effects in measurements and control circuits.


Outputs 1 and 2 Terminals. See Figure through Figure Output and Digital Inputs Terminals. See Figure and Figure Electromechanical relays are rated at 5 Amps Vac or Vac or 30 Vdc. Customer should size fuses accordingly. Use Fast Hdc3200 fuses only. Electromechanical relays are rated at 5 Amps Vac or Vac or 30 Vdc Customer should size fuses accordingly. Connect shield to ground at one Connect shield end hineywell.

Auxiliary Output and Digital Input 2 are mutually exclusive. If necessary, install a zener diode here to reduce voltage at the transmitter. A 1N will reduce the voltage at the transmitter to approximately 25 Vdc. If you do not press any keys for 30 seconds, the controller times out and reverts to the mode and associated display used prior to entry into Set Up mode. RATE action, in minutes, affects the controller’s output whenever the deviation is changing; and affects it more when the deviation is changing faster.

All other groups are read only. Calibration and Keyboard Lockout groups are not available. No other parameters are viewable. The ramping current setpoint can be viewed as SPn in the lower display. Entering a 0 will imply an immediate step change in Setpoint i.

All ramps will use the same selection. Selections are same as Same as above above. It will not recalculate any new tuning parameters. Both Deadband and Hysteresis are separately adjustable. If you select PD with Manual Reset you can also configure the following variations: Set Rate D to 0. Alarm 1 is activated at the end of the timeout period. Three Position Step Control applications.

The following formula applies: If the Ratio for Input 2 is set to 0. For this configuration, the Input 2 low range and the Sooting diagnostic messages are disabled. DP value by “90” to normalize the equation.

The Auxiliary Output must have the Deadband scaled in. This time can usually be found on the nameplate of the motor. Select the bias value you want on Input 1. Otherwise, the input at the instrument terminals will always be 0 mA i.

Radiamatic input signal that is the ratio of the actual energy emitted from the target to the energy which would be emitted if the target were a perfect radiator. Available only for Radiamatic inputs. Configure the values for: This is the difference between the value of the process variable at which the control outputs energize and the value at which they de-energize.

Proportional P term of the PID algorithm: Manual to Automatic is bumpless. When the switch is closed, the output can be adjusted from the keyboard.


Manual mode with the output set to the Output High Limit configuration. MAN lights and the Output value is shown on the lower display. Opening the switch has no effect. If it is connected, only one instrument should run the loopback test at a time. The host computer should not be transmitting on the link while the loopback test is active.

This value is in seconds with a range of 0 to seconds. Input 2 must be installed and enabled for this configuration to operate. Thereafter, that selected number must be used to change the lockout level from something other than NONE. This will be your security code. Lockout levels There are different levels of Lockout depending on the level of security required.

Limit Cycle Tuning with the objective of producing damped or Dahlin tuning parameters, depending upon the detected process deadtime. The tuning parameters calculated by this selection are aimed at reducing PV overshoot of the SP setting.

Honeywell UDC3200 Product Manual

Monitoring and Operating the Controller 4. If there is a malfunction, a diagnostic message will be shown on the lower display. In the case of more than one simultaneous malfunction, only the highest priority diagnostic message will be displayed. Use Accutune to tune the controller; see the procedure in this section.

If LSP tracking is not configured, the local setpoint will not be altered when the transfer is made. SS plus a counterclockwise rotating clock face.

SS plus a clockwise rotating clock face. Lower in the lower display. Configuration Check for Duplex See Subsection 3. The sets can be: Installation for alarm relay contact information. There are four alarm setpoints, two for each alarm.

The type and state High or Low is selected during honywell. Change a value To change any alarm setpoint value in the upper display. Select a value To select a failsafe output value in the upper display Return to Normal At power up, the output will go to the value set. This section explains the operation of each selection and configuration reference where necessary. PV Hot Start This is a standard feature. At power-up, the setpoint is set to the current PV value and the Rate or Ramp or Program then starts from this value.

The ramp is ud3c200 in hold at the beginning.