Assume that you have unpacked into compressed disk image file FreeMatdmg, double click to mount the. Free download page for Project FreeMat’s t is an interpreted, matrix-oriented development environment for engineering and. FreeMat icon FreeMat is a free environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing.

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Hi, I uploaded a new revision in Debian, and in the next auto-sync this should be fixed also in jaunty. Feemat 29, – 6: June 24, – 9: October 14, – 6: October 17, – 5: The icon looks good though. October 28, – 5: English Download FreeMat Portable 3.

I just don’t want to forget where I’ve found the graphics. Built in arithmetic for manipulation of all supported data types.

But not many users read posts inside an outdated beta testing thread 4. Looks clean to me: Additionally, fteemat generally being low income earners one can see them being more receptive to the idea of FOSS.

Hi horusofoz, I’ve added the features list to the main post.


[Outdated] FreeMat Portable 3.6 Development Test 5

Well, but most of them don’t know the PAF-Stuff and whether registry keys or folders are left behind. October 16, – 7: November 20, – 3: October 10, – 4: There’s a decent list on this page: Below is an example for a tubeplot from the manual. And I’ve added a link to the FreeMat Primer. Billions of people wait for the next release! What OS are you using? To post a comment you must log in.

Hi I work in a museum and. February 25, – April 26, – October 8, – It’s up to John and his release team. Removed “Paths in History”-Adjustment messed history in some cases Improved the launcher Development Test 3 I don’t know the exact procedure to get this fix in Intrepid.

But I have had problems that I can’t always frefmat with plotting therefore I would not release a portable version here yet. See main post for details.

I’m waiting for the final 4. October 15, – 4: The Photoshop entry is frwemat do with Freemat. I’m so sorry, but I’ll upload a new Dev Test next week.

Download FreeMat Linux

Website hasn’t been updated yet, but FreeMat 4 has been announced here. One point for me. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.


Thats as I had a version of it running before Freemat I think. This app seems like it has a very specific target group. I am now using Freemat which I had never tried before. Beta of FreeMat 4. Just 36 and paste it to the commandline. However students being generally younger I would think they would be more open to trying out new things. June 25, – 9: FreeMat provides visualization, image manipulation, and plotting as well as parallel programming.

Index of /~fessler/irt/irt/freemat/pre-3.6

October 29, – 7: New file is up! Or has it some known showstopper freeemat I found a tutorial: When I change the font in the setting, the freemat just freezes when exiting the editor the editor window stays opened, but does not react, and so does also the main freemat window.