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And I pray that He may enable me henceforth to live such a life of faith, love and devotion to Him down here as I will wish to have lived when I see Him face to face up there. Repent of your sins, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins, being baptized thereupon and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

A Feast for Crows

Because Paul knows the two-fold nature of the believer; knows that with whatsoever he would be filledto that he must yield ; knows that if he would be filled with the Spirit he must yield to Him, otherwise he will go on living in the power and fullness of the flesh. The cup, vase, and goblet of gold, are all full, but the water within them takes the shape from the fashioning form of the vessel. But mark this, that both of these were essential. So has it been with this great theme, and it would clear up marvelously if we would not only study God’s truth upon it, but adopt His phrases in describing it using “the gift,” “the receiving,” “the baptism” of the Holy Ghost exactly as He himself does in His own inspired Word.

I believe He is seeking to work out His purpose through me.

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So also for a man to attempt to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ without repenting of his sins would not, and could not, bring elveszett gift of the Holy Ghost, for the same reason; – the absence, in this case of the necessary condition of repentance. In verse 24 we are told: Read again and again God’s positive statements concerning it.


But now, as a believer, he has, as it were, a dual nature. It is evident from many passages in the Word that baptism was here an ordinance administered upon faith in Christ as a sinbearer, and thus God here taught through Peter this great truth that: HOW then shall our heart-longings for the fullness of the Spirit be satisfied? Both dwell in him. But some one now says: Vafosa will recall from the preceding chapter that the simple conditions, as laid down by Peter, for receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit were: They were practically believers under the old covenant, not under the new.

lslkek But when you yield your life wholly to Him, God will take away that veil and sooner or later show you your lifework. Recall your own experience of joy and peace when the Holy Spirit entered. Notice both the impressive repetition and the significant position Rom.

Then let that man or woman try to make such a surrender. But I do not believe this is what God means by receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Thousands are trying thus to silence conscience and rob God. My children, behold my hour of crisis, darker than shall ever come to any of you, yet my peace abides without a tremor.

He breaks forth, time and again, into shouts of triumph, praise, and joy. Yet the expression itself is not a happy one in that it is never, to our knowledge, so used in the Scriptures, and therefore misleads men in attaching to a certain phrase a different meaning pelkek God himself gives to it. He has done so in Christ. Nor does it matter whether such manifestation of His fullness bursts upon us like the sudden outflashing of the sun from behind dark clouds, or steals upon us like the slow increasing glow of the morning twilight, elveszettt, but sure.

As the bodies start piling up, Mercy must put her personal troubles aside to face a creature with the power to tear her whole world apart. And if you will not stay under His hand, even when He works ever so strangely how can He accomplish His deepening, enlarging, enriching purpose in your life? Her heart is her own.


It is this very knowledge that these relapses into the flesh bring the hiding of God’s countenance, which begets in the believer that watchfulness to die daily, to put off the old man, to press closer and closer to the side of Christ, that is so emphasized by Paul as the final condition of the blessed life. The problem is changed. Apollos now goes to Corinth, and Paul, coming to Ephesus, finds Apollos’ mis-instructed disciples, a dozen men who had not received the Holy Ghost.

The daring cliffclimber, trusting a frail rope, swings out with dauntless heart you do, He will throw it back upon you, and rightly too, for that is where it belongs. And their lives straightaway became a neverceasing record of mighty deeds done in the power of the Spirit.

Never doubt the indwelling of the Spirit because you do not feel His presence, any more than you doubt that Jesus died for you, because you do not feel that death.

How much more must God be grieved by our poor attempts to bribe Him by giving Him everything else except the one thing He wants – ourselves. The most rigid economy was urged by the authorities; the water was cut off save for a few hours per day; and the scant supply of precious fluid was carefully husbanded against emergencies. If the absence of the abundant life of the Spirit in us is due, as we are persuaded it is, not to the fact that He has not come in, but that we have not surrendered to Him who is already in, then it is a tremendous and fatal mistake to keep a soul waiting and seeking, instead of surrendering and yielding.

This fact that, even after the Spirit has been received, there may be a mastership of Self in our lives through failure to yield to the Spirit, is a full and sufficient explanation of all lack of fullness of the Spirit.