Electrosurgical units are found in every ambulatory surgical center and operating room hospitals and medical facilities. The Medtronic Covidien. A professionally refurbished Covidien ValleyLab ForceTriad ESU energy platform that combines multiple units into one generator with unrivaled quality and. The ForceTriad energy platform is a first-of-its kind integrated solution for open and laparoscopic electrosurgical procedures.

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The ForceTriad energy platform is a first-of-its kind integrated solution for open and laparoscopic electrosurgical procedures.

ValleyLab Modes on the Covidien Force TRIAD Valleylab mode is a unique combination of hemostasis and dissection that allows the user to slow down for more hemostasis and speed up for faster dissection. It offers the surgeon all the features they need, including electrosurgical cutting and coagulation, bipolar function and LigaSure tissue fusion. As a safety feature, simultaneous activation of multiple instruments is not possible on the ForceTriad Energy Platform.

Equipment Supplies Typically, other analyzers peak out at a maximum current range of 2, ma RF.

Common parts include power supplies, boards, foot controls, hand pieces, holster, connectors, keypads, and more. You can add Community Subscriptions in the search bar that says “Subscribe to more communities The system’s self check is unremarkable and both monopolar screens are full color that’s to say not grey’d out and unavailable.

Valleylab Force Fx Electrosurgical Unit. Products related to this item. Please wait while we submit your request. Shop All Telemetry Systems.

Covidien/Valleylab Force Triad Generator

The LigaSure can be used on lymphatics, tissue bundles, and pulmonary vasculature. All-in-one unit is compatible with conventional electrosurgical instruments and all current and new LigaSure instruments Fusion cycles are faster than the original LigaSure vessel sealing generator Easy-to-use touch screen set up Reduces demands on staff during procedures Automatic instrument recognition Surgeons can potentially shorten their OR procedure time by having control of power and mode adjustments from the sterile field Enhanced LigaSure tissue fusion technology permanently fuses vessels up to and including 7mm, lymphatics, tissue bundles, and pulmonary vasculature.


The Force Triad provides surgeons with one generator for electrosurgical and tissue fusion needs.

Shop All Equine Equipment. Other products by Valleylab Other products in Electrosurgical Units.

ForceTriad™ Software Applications | Medtronic

In the past, operating rooms needed separate pieces of equipment to achiever different tissue effects: Coag Modes Fulgurate coagulates tissue by sparking from the active electrode, through the air, to the patient tissue. User selectable in msec increments from 0 sec to 2. Six msec tones — high, low, high low, high, low -Seal Complete: The forcehriad bipolar feature senses tissue impedance between the two bipolar electrodes then uses the impedance information to automatically start or stop bipolar RF energy delivery.

Check our website at www. If you recently attended a Force Triad generator service school, then you most likely have already used our ESU Analyzer.

ForceTriad™ Energy Platform

Please review our Privacy Policy for more details. We also have rental options incase there is an increased patient census, or if a machine is down in your operating room and need a replacement as soon as possible. This unit can be used with all LigaSure instruments.


Today, with the ongoing widespread adoption of the BC Biomedical ESU as a replacement platform for the A, customers such as yourself can finally use the exact same test equipment platform that is being used by the manufacturer in the troubleshooting, service and calibration of their coovidien generators. For additional information on the ESUP, please e-mail us at esu bcgroupintl.

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ValleyLab Force Triad

Autobipolar The ForceTriad energy platform is equipped with an autobipolar feature that allows for automatic activation of bipolar energy. Enhanced LigaSure tissue fusion technology that fuses vessels up to 7mm, lymphatics, pulmonary vasculature covididn tissue bundles.

Touchscreens The ForceTriad Energy Platform features a user-friendly interface with three touchscreens that allow the user to control system functions. Quality training is essential for the Biomedical profession, but it’s often hard to find. Be sure to send a copy of your dated school attendance certificate along with your PO to validate your attendance, and this offer. This ESU weighs 30 pounds and can be ordered with an optional cart for easy transportation between patient rooms. Shop All Medical Gas.

Bipolar Modes Three bipolar modes are available: Call us toll-free Follow us: The Covidien Force Triad energy platform forcetria a full-featured electrosurgical system that provides electrosurgical cutting and coagulation, bipolar functionality, and vessel sealing in a single generator.

Home About Printable Catalog. Reverse polarity, ground open: