An easy to understand altissimo register clarinet fingering chart with large images , alternate fingerings, and sound. Don’t be afraid to approach altissimo notes armed with several different fingering charts. Two of my favorites are Ridenour’s Clarinet Fingerings. This page has pictures of the fingering positions of all the commonly played notes on the clarinet. Great for printing out for your beginning student.

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These fingerings apply to all sizes of Boehm-system clarinet unless specified otherwise. One issue that the articles explain well is the difference between the double and single register vent systems, and their effect on altissimo fingerings for the low clarinets.

Clarinet Fingering Chart

The clarinet is blessed with the largest range of the entire woodwind family. RT —23 C ——— G. Responds well at all dynamics with accurate pitch. Friday, October 17, Bass clarinet altissimo fingerings. G 6 to A 7 This fingering chart includes both basic fingerings and alternatives sltissimo are more appropriate in some passages.

Thanks for the article. RT G Use for slurs with lower registers, more stable, good for pp and ff. It may also xltissimo breath support and embouchure development. Less flat, trill fingering with C 6.


Some of the fingerings are useful only in trills or as the top note in scalar passages.

Practice alternating between e” and a” using the same fingering LH: VI – preparation – a complex fingering – player must have time to prepare it -legato connection to it may not be possible. Play with the pressure point of the bottom lip on the slightly thicker, stiffer portion of the reed by taking minutely more reed into your mouth.

Invent your own fingerings.

Note Written Fingering Description Src. Pages Home About Columns Links.

Clarinet Fingering Chart

Favorite blog posts, June Bret Pimentel, woodwinds. RT —23 ——— G. RT 2 Chqrt fingering with C 6. C 6 D 6 RT Basic.

The Complete Guide to the Clarinet Altissimo Register

Use in slurs from lower registers. The Clarinet of the Twenty-First Century. Use a mirror to check your chin position. It is a practice book, with a foreword by Jack Brymer and is recommended by many professionals, including Corrado Giuffredi.

Clarinet Cache: Bass clarinet altissimo fingerings

RT G F. The American clarinetist Henry Gulick writes of classifications for altissimo register pitches.

Altissimo fingerings in a second classification produce pitches from overblown throat tones, without the left thumb covering the back tone hole Example 8. C 6 to E 7 This cyart chart includes both basic fingerings and alternatives that are more appropriate in some passages. One classification that is widely employed by professional clarinetists is what Gulick calls “long fingerings.


GK R G Secure at ppuseful for wide interval leaps. Use for slurs with lower registers, more stable, good for pp and ff. R G Dark, covered sound. Useful for wide interval skips with any LH-only fingering.

The following chart Table 5 of fhart fingerings contains only a few of the many choices for altissimo register pitches. There is also an alternate fingering chart for Boehm-system alto, bass, and contrabass clarinetwhich includes additional alternate chalumeau and altissimo fingerings for those models.

How to Overcome Audition Success Envy. More in Clarinet Cache pool.

Play consecutive altissimo notes with finter most logical and uncomplicated fingerings that work well together. Good response at ff and accurate pitch. Use for slurs from clarion notes.