Former antiques dealer Pobi boldly announces his arrival as a cunning novelist with this grim and gory debut thriller. FBI contractor Jake Cole. Bloodman by Robert Pobi book review. Click to read the full review of Bloodman in New York Journal of Books. Review written by Renee C. Official website for novelist Robert Pobi. Worldwide – August 6, His novel, Bloodman, was called ” a remarkable debut ” by Booklist, and ” a relentless.

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It is said Robert Pobi had six complete novels in his desk drawer when he decided to take up writing full time.

Robert sold his first novel straight out of university when he was He changed his mind after three friends died — two from cancer and one murdered. So at the end ofhe walked away from his business, an exclusive antiques and decorating shop in Montreal, and bloodmaan with Jill Marr at the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency at the end of February At least not always.

At what point does a techno-thriller become science fiction? When does suspense become horror? There are some horrifying elements in this story—there has to be—but is it horror?

Some horrible things happen in it. Some wonderful things happen in it. Hopefully it has something new to say.

The taut cat-and-mouse game between Jake and the killer is played out against the unrelenting approach of a monster of nature — a catastrophic hurricane. Then I flick the lights a few times to give them a glimpse of what happened.


Bloodman by Robert Pobi

His biggest problem was in trying to get Jake to stop smoking. Writing for Robert is a seven-days a week deal—although he does bloodjan every other Thursday off to run errands and see friends.

A typical day sees him getting up before 8am and starting his writing around He takes a walk or runs in the early afternoon then writes until dinner. After dinner he writes until 1 or 2 in the morning.

I want to go down to working 5 days a week. Having recently moved, his office suffers from boxes piled along the walls of his sloped-ceiling attic space. Bloodmman his paintings are leaning against the boxes with nowhere to be hung. He keeps a couple of rifles in an umbrella stand near a closet. Fiction bpoodman non-fiction titles grace his to-be-read pile but the book that made him realize he wanted to write was The Eiger Sanction by Trevanian. The other major influence in his writing he credits is a nomadic lifestyle as a child.

Being the new kid my whole life completely inured me to any kind of criticism, which is one of the best defenses a writer can have. Currently Robert has no plans to bring back Jake Cole in future novels and readers will find it is his use of language and writing style they will recognize from book to book — not characters bloodmam genre.

The problem, if you can call it that, is each publisher has different contractual requirements, so the books are coming out staggered. Which means I will robery written two new novels, maybe three, by the end of No rest for the wicked — or the contractually obligated.


Robert Pobi (Author of Bloodman)

Robert Pobi dealt in fine Georgian antiques for thirteen years before turning to writing full-time. He has fished for everything that swims — from great white sharks off Montauk boodman monstrous pike in northern Finland.

He prefers bourbon to scotch and shucks oysters with an old hunting knife he modified with a grinder. In warm weather he spends much of his time at a cabin on a secluded lake in the mountains and when the mercury falls he heads to the Florida Keys.

The critical response to his first short story written when he was twelve was a suspension from school. Now he writes every day — at a desk once owned by Roberto Calvi. By Terry DiDomenico Bloodied but unbowed… It is said Robert Pobi had six complete novels in his desk drawer when he decided to take up writing full time. Terry DiDomenico has spent most of her professional career editing and writing for university publications with a little freelancing on the side.

She lives with her husband and two cats on four acres in south central Pennsylvania. She is working on her first novel – a thriller of course.