Haber Yazmak – Prof. Dr Atilla Girgin, Dr. Seçil Özay at – YURTTAŞ GAZETECİLİĞİ Karşılaşılan her yeni şey, haberdir. Gerçek olan bir şeyin özetidir. HABER YAZMA İNCELİKLERİ NİHAN BORA. Haber Yazmak (3) Atilla Girgin. Uploaded by. Mehmet Keskin · Uploaded by. Mehmet Keskin · Mobile Importance. Uploaded by. Mehmet Keskin.

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The broadcast consisted of the answers of journalistic questions. Whereas in this study, the research was moved one step ahead and broadcasts in the sample have been reviewed in terms of reporting and interviewing styles. Access to simulation and gathering news. Have information about cinematographic language.

Ankara University | Bologna Information System

Despite of attracting less audience than using Periscope for live reporting, another broadcasting category, actually having a serious potential is using Periscope for behind the camera. While the rapidly developing digital technology equips the media constantly with new means, the content production and consumption processes transform into completely different forms than the traditional media forms. Citizen involvement in ahber reporting: Journalists with more than 12, Periscope followers were observed.

Radyo, Televizyon ve Sinema. Their easiness in reaching the target group and sending the message at the same time, are some of the reasons that these devices still continue their effectiveness. yazzmak

Nil Karaibrahimgil

Thus, also the answer to the question, whether the content produced on Periscope is in compliance with the format of that medium is investigated. So, the broadcast interrupted because of the ads in traditional media, continued on Periscope in new media.


Journalism at the Crossroads.

Positioning of journalism as a profession differs from some other established professions, and this is a feature that holds the doors open to the citizen journalists. Have at least one foreign language in order to communicate with their colleague and follow them.

In fact, even his user name, meant nothing: No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission, in writing, from the publisher. Knows topics about the history of cinema Discuss the relationship between the mass communication instruments and the culture. Use technics of shooting, production and post-production effectively.

yurttasgazeteciligi-nihanbora by nihan bora on Prezi

Talks with the police go on. Digital technology enables everybody to express their feelings and thoughts via radio broadcasting. Considered from this aspect and in light of this research it is seen that outside broadcast rather than inside broadcast, news purpose broadcast rather than non-news broadcast, breaking broadcast rather than non-breaking broadcast, and new media format broadcast rather than old media format broadcast attracts more audience.

Knows the necessity of lifelong learning with the awareness of the effect on the content. Repositioning Journalism and its Publics.

giirgin Follow the development of the technology and science,also reforms itself. However, when the use of Periscope both by the professional and citizen reporters is considered, it can be seen that it does not create such a strong influence like Twitter. Volume 21, Issue A in the beginning of the 20th century, it was understood how effective this magical box was.

The developing technology now does not provide live broadcast opportunity only to broadcast industry but to citizen journalists as well. Evaluate the results of the mass communication instruments interaction with girtin society. Incorporate the workers to the project who works under his or her responsibility.


Are competent about technical material. News writing trials are done as well as theoretical knowledge. Citizen reporter headed for the place where the explosion had happened but could not go beyond a certain point because of the police security circle. For those who just started to watch the broadcast, he had frequently repeated the covered event, and where it was. People describing Twitter as a revolution for citizen journalism saw Periscope as a form of revolutionary Twitter with an additional live-video coverage and attributed bigger roles to it in the context of new media, social media and alternative media.

Haber Yazmak

The citizen yazmao who delivered the live reporting was narrating what was going on one hand, and invited to share it on Twitter to make more people to watch the broadcast on the other hand. As a result of the review, the usage types of the professionals and citizens have been classified as follows: However, the sampling studies started at an earlier date, around early February Talks continue with the police. Inform the expert gkrgin nonexpert audience groups written and oral way about the communication problem and their solution offers.